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Recent Market Studies & Field Surveys Assignments:


  • Customer Satisfaction Survey for Saudi Consolidated Electricity Company (Eastern) for its administrative services.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey for Saudi American Bank for corporate customers.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey for Riyadh Bank for its retail banking services in Saudi Arabia.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey for Saudi British Bank for its retail banking services in Saudi Arabia.
  • Study of Customer satisfaction for Abdul Latif Jameel
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey for Saudi ARA Cable TV for entertainment and educational programs.


  • Market study of Hotels and Furnished Apartments for INMAIA Real Estate Co.
  • Socio & Economic Study of Tandabawi Area in Makkah for Khatib and Alami.
  • Market study of rents and land prices in Riyadh for Ar-riyadh Development Authority
  • Market study of Transportation services for Al-Jari Trading Co.
  • Socio & Economic Study of Al-Shamiyah Area in Makkah for Millennium Company
  • Market Study of Real Estate Sector in KSA for Jawahrat Al- Babtain.
  • Market Study of Real Estate and Contracting Market for Al-Rashid Group.
  • Market Study for Petroleum and Transportation Services for Al -Darees Co.
  • Market Study of Pre- cast building in KSA for Saudi Development & Trading Establishment (SADETRA).
  • Market Study of Medical Solutions for Pharmaceutical Solutions Industry (PSI).
  • Health insurance market study for the Saudi Insurance Company.
  • Market study on consumer credit strategy for Al Bank Al Saudi Al Fransi.
  • Market study of a commercial-cum-investment bank in Burundi.
  • Market study for establishing Centre for IT&T industries in Riyadh for Arriyadh Development Authority.
  • Households survey of Riyadh city for Ar-riyadh Development Authority
  • Identifying Saudi Partners for the Computer System and Service for Peace Shield Investment Offset Program- of Boeing - Industrial Technology Group.
  • Identifying the investment opportunities in Light and Support industries in Jubail for Japan External Trade Organization (Jetro).
  • Human Resource Recruitment and Training Services in Riyadh for Arriyadh Development Authority.
  • Market study for the expansion of educational programs for Al- Khaleej Electric.
  • Market study for establishing a world-class training center in KSA for Thomson-CSF Branch Riyadh.
  • Market study of the Detergents Market in KSA for Arabian Company for Detergents (DAC).
  • Market study for Manufacturing Corn and Potato based Products for Al-Mubarak Trading Co.
  • Market study for Frozen Fish Products for Al-Ahliya Fisheries CO.
  • Market study for a selected group of food products in KSA for Al- Zamil food industries Ltd.
  • Market study for a 4-star hotel in Riyadh for Faisal Mashari Al Moamar.
  • Market study to establish a four stars Hotel in Makkah for Abdual Latif Jameel Group.
  • Market study for Refrigerators in KSA for Ghater Taheen Establishment.
  • Market study for Galvanized Steel Pipes and poles in KSA.
  • Market study for Liquid Fertilizers in KSA and the GCC.
  • Market study on Automobiles for Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).
  • Market study for establishing a Cast Iron Foundry for Al Salam Industrial and Trading Establishment.
  • Market study for establishing an Industrial Waste Disposal Facility in Yanbu for Kaid Est.
  • Market study of Refrigerators and Freezers in K.S.A. for National Refrigerator Company in Riyadh.
  • Market study for establishment of Snack Food Factory for Arabian Food Supplies (Al-Naghi Group).
  • Market study for setting up a large residential housing units project in north of Riyadh for Saudi Real Estate Co. (SRECO) Riyadh.
  • Market study for Development of Transad Land for Transad Group.
  • A Market Study of Land Usage Options for Makshaff Services Ltd.
  • Market study for Residential Units Projects Saudi Real Estate Co. Riyadh (SRECO).
  • Market study for Medical services in Riyadh, Madinah and Abah for Saudi German Hospital.
  • Market study for quality Health Care in Riyadh for Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). " Market study for a Private Sector Hospital in the Qasseem Region for Gaseem Company for Medical Services.
  • Market study of Privatizing Ministry of Health Hospitals for Ministry of Health.
  • Market study for establishing Eye and Ear Hospital in Riyadh and Khamis Mushait for Magrabi Group.
  • Market study of setting up Remote Area Health Care Units for Dr. Baksh Hospital.
  • Market study for establishing a Specialized Medical Centre in Jeddah for Fitaihi Medical.
  • Market study for establishing Medical Waste Disposal facilities in Saudi Arabia for Kiad Establishment.
  • Market study for specialized tertiary care facilities, King Faisal Specialist Hospital (IRGA Hospital).
  • Market study for Pharmacy Business in Riyadh for Health House Pharmacies.
  • Market study of Cargo and Transportation Services in Saudi Arabia for Fama Holding Company.
  • A market study for Central Market in Jeddah for Shibh Al Jazeerah.
  • Market study for a Super Market in Buraidah Prepared for Al-Homayyed Est.
  • A market Study for establishing Specialized Contracting for RCCI.
  • Industrial Surveys for Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the year of 1987, 1988,1989, 1990, 1992 and 2004.
  • Land-use Survey in Riyadh for Ar-Riyadh Development Authority.
  • Market study for Leasing and Installment purchase business in Riyadh, Jeddah and Eastern Province.
  • A market study on residential and commercial Complexes in Makkah for Makkah Construction Co.
  • A market study on Credit Cards in Riyadh for Al-Watan Newspaper.
  • A market study on Mutual Funds for National Commercial Bank.
  • Developing quality index for Health Care services for ALJ
  • Market Study for Health Care & Insurance Sector
  • Forecasting market demand for Qassim Cement Co
  • Market study for Medical Care Services in Riyadh for GAMA
  • Study of Manpower requirement in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Ministry of Manpower.
  • Unemployment rate Study in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Ministry of Manpower.
  • Saudization of Limousine Drivers for Ministry of Labor.
  • Market Study for Al Mouwsad Medical Services Company.

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