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Opinion & Attitude Studies
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General Opinion Survey

Qyas has considerable experience in carrying out surveys of males and females in order to find out their opinion about issues, products and services. These surveys usually focus on finding out the divergent opinion of different classes of respondents on social, economic and marketing issues.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The main objective of these surveys is to get a better understanding of the relationship between marketeers and ultimate consumers. We measure the depth of relationship and drivers/inhibitors of this relationship.

Prominent Assignments

Some of the Opinion Research surveys and Customer Satisfaction studies conducted by Qyas are listed below.

  • Survey of customers to gauge the level of satisfaction with the services provided by SCECO in the Eastern Region.
  • Opinion Survey of TV-viewers in 15 regions of the Kingdom to gauge TV viewing habits, preferred programs and willingness to pay for cable TV services.
  • Kingdom-wide survey of private sector entrepreneurs for the Ministry of Planning.

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