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Market Research Studies
Economic Survey and Industrial Research | Market Research Studies

Our Market Research Studies are based on individual and corporate consumers' surveys, central location tests, mystery shopping and qualitative research techniques (Focus Groups, In-depth Interviews etc). These studies are conducted to analyze various aspects of the market for different goods & services.

The overall results of the analyses, among other things, lead to:

  • Understanding Consumer Attitude & Behavior.
  • Brand Health in the competitive environment.
  • Developing marketing strategies for existing or new products or services.
  • Supporting product pricing and positioning decisions .
  • Techno-economic feasibility studies.

The market research studies can be further sub divided into Consumer Research and Product Research.

Consumer Research

Major focus of our Consumer Research is to analyze the habits and attitudes of various segments of the market. Another purpose is to study their life styles and customs, and forecast anticipated or unanticipated changes in the consumer opinion, attitude and behavior.

The types of researches conducted under this head are follows:

  • Knowledge, Attitude & Practices Study [Category level]
  • Usage & Attitude Study [Brand level]
  • Brand Equity and Positioning Study
  • Brand Health Monitor
  • Customer Satisfaction Study
  • Customer Loyalty & Retention Study
  • Corporate Image / Reputation Study
  • Segmentation Research
  • Media Habits (Electronic and Print)
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Research
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Concept / Product /Ad testing
  • Exploratory / Qualitative Research [Focus Groups, In-depth Interviews etc.]

Product Research

This includes various aspects of the new and existing products such as:

  • New Concept testing
  • New Product testing [Taste test, Sniff Test etc.]
  • Name, Logo and pack testing
  • Identifying potential or target market
  • Brand positioning
  • Estimation of market penetration for new product
  • Estimating the market share for the new particular product

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