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Economic Survey and Industrial Research

CSR has special expertise in conducting economic surveys, often involving large survey teams that collect and analyze vast amounts of data from all over the Kingdom. The survey jurisdiction is not limited to the main regions but includes remote areas in the Kingdom as well.

Such field surveys are carried out to:

  • Analyze particular sectors of the Saudi economy.
  • Study economic issues such as employment and training requirements with special reference to Saudization.
  • Track such developments as private sector growth.
  • Examine business confidence in the Saudi economy.
  • Understand the various macro- and micro-economic issues.

Recent Assignments

CSR has conducted several economic surveys and prepared various studies based on these surveys, such as:

  • Industrial Surveys covering all factories licensed by the Ministry of Industry & Electricity.
  • Land Use Survey of Riyadh carried out for the Ar-Riyadh Development Authority in connection with the development of Riyadh's long-term growth strategy.
  • Kingdom-wide survey of students, their parents, prospective employers and technical training institutions, conducted for the Manpower council.
  • Survey of hi-tech companies for Ministry of Defense & Aviation.

Market Research Survey

These include individual and corporate consumers' surveys, manufacturer surveys, wholesalers, distributors and retailer surveys. These surveys are conducted to analyze various aspects of the market for different goods & services. The aspects usually include:

  • Determination of market size.
  • Trends in market growth.
  • Market segmentation.
  • Customer behavior.
  • Competition & SWOT analysis.
  • Product/service based aspects.

The overall results of the analyses, among other things, lead to:

  • Developing marketing strategies for existing or new products or services.
  • Supporting product pricing and positioning decisions.
  • Techno-economic feasibility studies.

Consumer Research

Major focus of our consumer research is to analyze the habits and attitudes of various segments of the market. At the same time study their life styles and customs, and forecast anticipated or unanticipated changes in the consumer behavior.

Product Research

Includes various aspects of the new and exiting products such as:

  • Introducing a new product in the market.
  • Name and brand testing.
  • Estimating the total market for a particular product.
  • Identifying potential or target market.
  • Estimating market share for a particular product and identify major suppliers of that product.
  • Corporate and brand positioning.
  • Estimation of market penetration for new product.

Recent Assignments

Some of the market studies prepared by CSR, that were based on its market surveys, are:

  • Market study for polyester textiles carried out for a large Saudi business group.
  • Market study on frozen foods to recommend possible product extensions to the largest local manufacturer of frozen foods in KSA.
  • Analysis of market for private banking services in Saudi Arabia.
  • Market study on medical insurance in Saudi Arabia carried out in connection with possible acquisitions by an investment group.
  • Market Study on remote area health care services for setting up achain of main-hospital/clinics.

Opinion Survey

CSR has considerable experience in carrying out surveys of males and females in order to understand their opinions about issues, products and services. These surveys usually focus on one or more of the following.

  • Investigating customer needs, preferences, habits and requirements in specified areas.
  • Gauging customer satisfaction with products/services offered.
  • Measuring effectiveness of on going sales promotion programs.

General Opinion Survey

CSR has considerable experience in carrying out surveys of males and females in order to understand their opinions about issues, products and services. These surveys usually focus on one or more of the following.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The main objective of these surveys is to get a better understanding of the relationship between the suppliers and the trade. Similarly to collect information on customer preferences and to identify areas where clients need to improve.

Recent Assignments

Some of the opinion research surveys conducted by CSR are listed below as examples.

  • Opinion Survey of TV-viewers in 15 regions of the Kingdom to gauge TV viewing habits, preferred programs and willingness to pay for cable TV services.
  • Kingdom-wide survey of private sector entrepreneurs for the Ministry of Planning.
  • Survey of customers to gauge the level of satisfaction with the services provided by SCECO in the Eastern Region.

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