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CCFI's management consulting services are backed with an underlying philosophy of providing a high degree of value addition, suggestions based on real-life experience and independent unbiased views and opinions. Our services in this area are supported by considerable experience of our consultants in a wide range of disciplines and business sectors.

CCFI's experience gained through successful execution of a large number of assignments in this area has provided us with a repository of information and knowledge that we are able to use when required.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies carried out by CCFI are based on holistic assessment of the market, as well as on technical and financial aspects of projects. CCFI's expertise in market research and financial analysis forms the backbone of such feasibility studies. In-house macro-economic research injects a wider economic perspective into CCFI's feasibility studies. The multidisciplinary team of consultants in our firm provides a multidimensional assessment of risks associated with project and expected returns.

For projects targeting international markets, CCFI is able to provide specialized expertise in assessing relevant trade and economy related international issues and developments that can have a bearing on project feasibility. Lastly, CCFI's feasibility studies include the analysis that is extremely useful from the perspective of different stakeholders namely, equity investors, project financiers and relevant government regulators.

Strategic Studies

Strategy studies have been undertaken for a number of purposes: to assess best way to enter a new market, to determine which business sector to target, to evaluate options to turnaround under-performing operations, or to develop long-term corporate plans. In our strategy studies, we begin with an assessment of market opportunities and threats, and the company's competitive strengths and weaknesses. This assessment helps the professionals to conclude and recommend an appropriate strategy, which is complemented with an implementation plan.

Organizational Studies

CCFI assists clients in designing organizational structures that best meet their operational and strategic objectives. We develop job descriptions and job ratings and recommend salary structures, compensation policies and personnel procedures.

Administrative and Financial Systems and Procedures.

CCFI develops systems and procedures to increase efficiency and to support decision-making process. We design systems for management information, accounting and control and recommend automated systems wherever appropriate. CCFI can also implement automated systems with assistance of CSE, its sister company specialized in Information Technology

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