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CCFI has successfully launched a number of investment services dedicated to serve both individual and institutional investors. Our investment services are based on our in-depth knowledge and experience in the local stock market, CCFI, as described in the share Flotation and Private Placement section, was responsible for floating majority of the companies listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange.

CCFI over the past couple of years has developed and fine-tuned a number of databases. The wealth of information integrated with our team equipped with analytical tools has placed CCFI at a unique position in the Kingdom.

Investment Advisory

CCFI continuously advises clients on available opportunities in the local, regional and international equity markets. This service is provided through a specific report, designed for the client according to his requirements and needs.

Investment Strategy and Planning

Developing a strategy and a plan for investments is becoming a prerequisite for attaining a balance between risk and an optimum level of return on investments. CCFI develops for individuals and institutions, develops investment strategy and plans suitable to their managerial and financial capabilities, cash requirements and risk taking level. CCFI can assist investors in the implementation and supervision of their investment plans.

Private Equity Investment

CCFI provides total advisory services to investors interested in acquiring, in part or in full, local, regional or international companies. CCFI evaluates the equity according to internationally recognized evaluation standards and negotiates the price on behalf of the client.

Portfolio Management

CCFI is able to provide its clients with the best portfolio design. Portfolios are constructed or modified based on client's discretion to give CCFI the power to directly buy or sell on his behalf or, if he/she wishes, CCFI can act as an adviser, the responsibility of execution being in the hands of the client.

Portfolio Administration

Some investors face problems in the administration and follow-up of their portfolio managed by some local or international brokerage firms. CCFI provides investors with a range of services to fully administer and follow-up the performance of their portfolios. This includes auditing account statements from brokerage firms, follow-up and periodic report.

Mutual fund Review and Recommendations

This service is extended to clients interested in investing their funds in local or international mutual fund. CCFI will screen and evaluate local and international mutual funds. This service is important for investors for two main reasons. First, all local banks and international institutions always position their mutual funds first, whereas CCFI recommendation is solely based upon performance and future expectations. As we always say at CCFI "Banks offer you their funds, CCFI offers you all funds". Second, CCFI helps investors to understand all the legal and financial structure of a mutual fund. This is particularly important for international mutual funds, where hidden costs and obligations are normally not easily detected.

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