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Economic & Investment Research (EIRD)
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EIRD offers a number of products and publications for its clients based on their varying needs. Its economic research focuses on economic analysis and forecasts and includes reviews on Saudi GDP, fiscal and monetary policy, balance of payment, debt, foreign investment, privatization, oil & gas etc. Comprehensive equity analysis reports are circulated among the clients on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. EIRD regularly generates reports on Saudi Companies based upon primary and secondary research and meetings with the management. Reports include in-depth industry and business analysis, financial analysis, projections and forecasts, stock valuations and price performance. The comprehensive monthly report includes exclusive sections on oil & gas, mutual funds, stock market performance, economic indicators, industry analysis, company focus, currencies and international financial markets, among others. EIRD also regularly publishes detailed reports on various sectors of the Saudi Economy in its "CCFI Sector Study Series".

Saudi Economic Research

EIRD's economic research focus centers on economic analysis, economic forecast and economic database. Regular economic reviews on Saudi GDP, Budget, Debt, Balance of Payment, Foreign Investment, Privatization, Oil and Gas, are published either as special editions or part of the CCFI's monthly Saudi Economic Report.

CCFI also publishes the Saudi Economy - Semi Annual Report that covers more border issues such as the regulatory environment, Saudi Stock Market and other important issues.

Saudi Sector Research

CCFI publishes in-depth reports on various important sectors of the Saudi economy such as Telecom, Real estate, Information Technology, Cement, Financial Services, Electricity, Petrochemicals, etc. These reports cover a wide range of areas like market structure, demand/supply, product categories, price trends, regulatory aspects, SWOT & outlook CCFI Sector Study Series.

Investment Research

CCFI's stock market capability dates back to the period when Saudi stock market itself was in the establishment stage. Through its state-of-art database network, EIRD generates a range of analytical reports with varying periodicity. EIRD regularly generates equity research reports on Saudi companies based on primary & secondary research and one to one meeting with the management. EIRD also publishes its investments outlook on all listed companies periodically using its specially developed "CCFI Performance Model". EIRD provides investment advisory services for local stocks. The services include portfolio evaluation & portfolio management services.

EIRD tracks the performance of Saudi mutual funds that are offered in the Kingdom through its mutual fund database. Funds are analyzed based on category, sponsors and other parameters. Analysis covers both return and risk measures and offers unbiased investment opinion on performance of funds. EIRD also comes out with rankings of all mutual funds in the Kingdom.

Online Service

CCFI's major strength in research stems from its array of databases "CCFI Saudi Stockline" developed assiduously over a period of time. We are currently in the process of making three of our databases available for online access.

  • Macro-Economic Database: Tracks over 1000 macroeconomic variables for Saudi Arabia, covering the period from 1963 to 2001.
  • Corporate Database: Designed to track and analyze corporate results on a quarterly basis for all listed stocks. Contains data since 1990. Incorporates daily price and volume data on all listed stocks sine 1990 together with various corporate actions. Generates family of CCFI indices.
  • Mutual Fund Database: Provides organized information on all open ended funds of Saudi Arabia together with return and risk parameters, covering the period since its inception.

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